First Archive Set of 2011

April 2nd, 2011

Been a while! Too long. I apologize for that! Things got a little hectic, and although I’ve still been doing my weekly shows, I haven’t been recording and posting them as I used to.

Here’s a mix I did a couple weeks ago! Enjoy :)

Thanks! I’ll update again soon!

New tune from P&M

August 12th, 2010

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I got a new job though!

To tide you over until I get a new mix uploaded, here is this video:

I received an email today with this tune in it, and it’s awesome! Check them out :)

Weekly Enlightenment, Jan. 25, 2010: Now with 75% more Fidget!

January 30th, 2010

As the title says, I played Fidget House this week… And not just a tune or two, but two hours of techy/wonky/fidgety/whatever stuff… Very unusual.

At the very end, my mixer dies so one song sounds glitchy (not on purpose that is) and the ones after aren’t faded.. Just the last 2 or 3.

Weekly Enlightenment January 25
Click here to download this mix!

1.) Trevor Loveys – “Gotta Lotta Livin”
2.) Pezzner – “Brooklyn New York” (Justin Martin Remix)
3.) Smooth Touch – “In My House” (Phearce Mix)
4.) Santiago and Bushido – “The Sound”
5.) Sonny Fodera – “Games”
6.) jangatha – Unknown
7.) Dave Miller – “Take What You Want” (DPC LawnChair Generals Mix)
8.) Visti and Meyland – Yes Ma’am” (Trentemoller Remix)
9.) Unclesound – “Rock It On” (Kinky Movement Remix)
10.) Trevor Loveys – “Now I Am Ready”
11.) Brett Johnson – “Jiffy Pop”
12.) Mister Leisure – “Don’t Clap Your Hands” (Brett Johnson’s Didn’t Clap Mix)
13.) Liv3Cat – “Oya”
14.) Trevor Loveys – “Gotta Lotta Livin” (Dub)
15.) Crookers – “Disco Fidget”
16.) Deadmau5 – “Hi Friend”
17.) Santiago and Bushido – “Got That”
18.) Justin Long, Cops and Robbers – “Maxamilian”
19.) Santiago and Bushido – “Can’t Be Wrong” (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
20.) Johnny Fiasco – “Conduction” (Santiago and Bushido Remix)
21.) Pascal and Pearce – “Disco Biskit”
22.) The Bulgarian – “Jack it Like a Zombie” (Santiago and Bushido Remix)
23.) Crookers – “Massive”
24.) Dave Taylor – “Flookin” (Trevor Loveys Re-Work)

Fridaynosaur Juke, Volume 1

January 24th, 2010

With my new class schedule, I changed my radio slot on chfm radio to Fridays at 4 (3PST).
Here is the first ever Fridaynosaur Juke recording! Big shoutout to everyone who tuned in, the show was one of my best recent mixes.

Fridaynosaur Juke
Fridaynosaur Juke, Volume 1

1.) Inland Knights – “Lay On Me”
2.) B. Original – “Deep Rootz” (Mario Fabriani Remix)
3.) Jorge Watts – “Up To The Sky”
4.) Inland Knights – “In My Car”
5.) Akabu – “Don’t Hold Back” (Skylark Vocal Mix)
6.) Anyo – “Jingalin”
7.) Lawnchair Generals – “Stop Frontin”
8.) Fred Everything and JT Donaldson – “Listen”
9.) Samantha James – “Rise” (Groove Junkies Funk Excursion Remix)
10.) Alan Barret – “My Kinda Music” (Biboulakis Remix)
11.) JR From Dallas – “Hangin Out”
12.) Kinky Movement – “You Make Me Feel”
13.) Miguel Migs – “Shake it Up” (Joey Youngman Remix)
14.) Sir Cosmic – “Five Year Itch”
15.) Gramophonedzie – “Why Don’t You”
16.) Cuban Pete – “Blues Rockin'” (Natural Rhythm Remix)
17.) Kinky Movement – “Roots” (Damien Bailey Remix)
18.) Scrubfish and Laurence – “Creepin’ Hoodlums”
19.) Sound Diggers – “Lowdown In Blue”
20.) Troydon – “Ready Steady”
21.) Armand Van Helden – “Flowerz”
22.) Funkyloco – “Slow and Sexy” (Jazzy Eyewear Florida Room Mix)
23.) The Littlemen – “High in Da Club”
24.) Inland Knights – “Down to tha Ground”
25.) Mario Fabriani – “The Groove Bug”
26.) Pete Heller and Terry Farley – “There but for the Grace of God”
27.) Mario Fabriani – “Attack of the Disco Bubbles”
28.) Giom and JT Donaldson – “Lets Make a Record” (Neighbour)
29.) Blue Six – “Music and Wine” (Jay’s Blue Silk Dub)

Hi-Fi Articulation, Final Show

January 23rd, 2010

I’m starting a new college schedule this semester, which means conflicts with my CHFM Radio show :(
Fortunately, I am just changing time slots to friday from wednesday, and not giving up my show completely. That being said, my new time will have a new name, “The Fridaynosaur Juke.” Hi-Fi Articulation is officially done with.

Here is the final show and tracklisting!

Hi-Fi Articulation, Final show, Jan. 13th, 2010

1.) Funkyloco – “Slow and Sexy
2.) The Littlemen – “Attack Me
3.) jangatha – “Get Those Clothes Off
4.) Eric Andrew and Forrest Avery – “On Tha Slide(Real Time Hand Motion Remix)
5.) Vernon and Dacosta – “What’s the Deal?
6.) Swirl People – “Play Along
7.) Fred Everything and JT Donaldson – “Stop
8.) Knee Deep – “I’ll Be There For You(Classic Mix)
9.) LawnChair Generals – “Truth
10.) Natural Rhythm – “Saturdays(RTHM Remix)
11.) Sound Navigators – “System Sprain(Mario Fabriani Remix)
12.) Terminator X – “If I Don’t
13.) Gramophonedzie – “Why Don’t You
14.) Deep House Souldiers – “In My Bag(East Coast Boogiemen Remix)
15.) Jay West – “Bottom Line
16.) LawnChair Generals – “Stop Frontin’
17.) Anyo – “Jingalin
18.) Alexander East – “Believe En Me
19.) Natalie Williams – “Didn’t U Know(Giom Remix)
20.) Leon Fishbone – “Impatient I Am
21.) Mario Fabriani – “Attack of the Disco Bubbles
22.) Special Interest – “Cruisin
23.) “Mike Bremmer – “Changeup
24.) Kinky Movement – “Like This
25.) B. Original – “Deep Rootz(Mario Fabriani Remix)
26.) Cuban Pete – “Blues Rockin” (Natural Rhythm Remix)
27.) Troydon – “Ready Steady
28.) Inland Knights – “In My Car

Weekly Enlightenment, MLK Jr. Edition

January 23rd, 2010

Decided to do a special drop near the end of my set in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day… Here’s the set and tracklist! Enjoy :)

Weekly Enlightenment, MLK Edition, January 18th, 2010

1.) Mario Dubbz – “So High”
2.) Jazzmopper J – “Wannabe Girlfriend”
3.) D-T3ch – “Understand the Culture” (Hoodfellas Remix)
4.) Inland Knights – “Do Your Thing”
5.) Unclesound feat. Emilie Chick – “The Waiting Line”
6.) Slum Science – “Expressions of Jazz”
7.) Jazzmopper J – “Knob Fiddler”
8.) Gramophonedzie – ” Why Don’t You”
9.) Cuban Pete – “Blues Rockin” (Natural Rhythm Remix)
10.) Kinky Movement – “Roots” (Damien Bailey Remix)
11.) Joshua Heath – “I Refuse”
12.) Sound Diggers – “Lowdown In Blue”
13.) Eric Andrew and Forrest Avery – “On Tha Slide” (Real Time Hand Motion Remix)
14.) Troydon – “Ready Steady”
15.) Sonny Fodera – “Penguins”
16.) Jackin Box – “Got to Get Down”
17.) Anyo – “Jingalin”
18.) Hoodfellas – “Starstruck”
19.) Leon Fishbone – “Impatient I Am”
20.) Giom – “Be Free”
21.) Mario Fabriani – “Attack of the Disco Bubbles”
22.) Audio Jacker – “Jackers 5th Symphony”
23.) Bryan Jones – “Just Gotta”
24.) The Sound Republic – “The Real Cream”
25.) Trevor Loveys – “Turn It Up”
26.) Corduroy Mavericks – “Supa Fly Chicken”
27.) Tommy Largo – “G Funk”
28.) Joey Youngman – “Fishin All Day”
29.) White Collar Criminals – “Wanting You” (Frequent Fliers Remix)
30.) Miguel Migs – “Shake it Up” (Joey Youngman Remix)
31.) Santiago and Bushido – “The Sound”
32.) Atnarko – “Don’t Ya Know” (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
33.) Sleazy McQueen – “Workin’ All Night”
34.) Orkestra Galaktika vs. Jeep Grrlz – “Smokin’ Daughter”
35.) Daft Punk – “Phoenix”
Martin Luther King, Jr. – “I Have a Dream”
36.) Daft Punk – “Revolution 909” (Roger and Junior’s Revolutionary War Edit)
37.) Smooth Touch – “Trippin” (More Nunez Mix)
38.) Fred Everything – “Stay” (LCG Doza Dub)
39.) Stardust – “Music Sounds Better With You”
40.) Syndromes – “The Hit”

Social Networking!

November 15th, 2009

And now for something completely different!

Social Networking

This month, I’ve come to the realization that I can promote myself and my music via social networking websites… Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, anything. If you’d like to follow my updates on any of these sites, here is your one-stop post for everything I update! (There is a pattern to these, so if you figure it out you might be able to find me on other sites that I join after this post) 😉

Feel free to add me on any and all of these websites! I will be updating these sites as well as this one quite often. Expect new tunes, charts, and mixes more regularly.

Dirt Crew showcase on Radial Blur!

November 15th, 2009

Last Thursday, my good friend Ornette had his first ever showcase mix on his Radial Blur radio show, by none other than Dirt Crew’s Peter Gyselears. Check this out! Well worth a listen.

Download here ->

Hour One – Dirt Crew Showcase

Steffen Nehrig – Cold Standby – Dirt Crew
Tigerskin – Rock The Bells – Dirt Crew
Paps – Sunthesized (Dudley Strangeways Remix) – Sombom Recordings
Sierra Sam vs Break 3000 – Good Times – Dirt Crew
Kel Quadrant – Do It How You Feel It – Evasive
Andre Crom & Luca Doobie – Attica (Makam remix) – Freerange
Geiger – Haze – Dirt Crew
Pele – Never Ending Story – Dirt Crew
Mervin Granger – Silouette (Sunset Verbal Extracts) – Refo recordings
Doomwork – Isla – Neurotraxx Deluxe
Vlad Caia – Al Doilea (Mastercris Mix) – Next Dimension

Hour Two – Peter Gyselears Guest Mix (Recorded Live @ Club Dice Berlin)

Berkson & What – In Person
Sebastian Davidson – Gaze (Soul Minority Deep Mix) – Dark Energy Rec.
Stimming – Funk with Me – DIY
Mark Broom – People (Nick Curly Mix) – 2020 Vision
Audiofly – Shazam (David K remix)
Makam – New York Hustler – Sushitech Purple
Will Saul & Tam Cooper – Teddy’s Back – Simple
The Runners – London thing (Soul Minority Mix) – Dirt Crew
DIY – Suck My Caulk (Markus Fix Remix) – Tuningspork
Martin Landsky – We’re streaking – Pokerflat
Edu K – Avec Bon Bons (Worthy Remix) – Anabatic
Guy Gerber – Midknight Sketches – Supplement Facts

Hi-Fi Articulation, November 4th, 2009

November 7th, 2009

Hi-Fi Articulation with BUDDHA

Yo everyone! Sorry I’ve been so spacey on the updates. Still tryin’ to shake this sickness. Here’s a mix I did on chicagohousefm this week after I bought some killer new tunes. Starts off disco feelin’ and gets heady and thick towards the end, then ends with straight disco for a couple tunes :) Hope y’all enjoy!

Download Link!

1.) The Littlemen – “Attack Me” [Lowdown]
2.) Ned Flanders – “Memory Loss” [Privat Box]
3.) Town and Country – “Love Could Be” [Amenti]
4.) Ned Flanders – “Don’t Call Me” [ALBO]
5.) Organized Crime – “Feel Me Up” [Audio Indika]
6.) Phunkie Souls – “Tha Music” (Knee Deep Club Mix) [CDR]
7.) jangatha – “Super Dynamite” [Uma]
8.) Sonny Fodera – “Penguins” [Guesthouse]
9.) Francis Jilla and Johnny Drama – “Can We Talk?” [Guess Who]
10.) Fred Everything – “Stay” LCG Doza Dub [OM]
11.) Fred Everything and JT Donaldson – “Stop” [Freerange]
12.) Joshua Heath – “I Refuse” [Drop]
13.) Inland Knights – “Another Way” [Drop]
14.) Larry Fives – “No Resistance” [Drop]
15.) Syndromes – “The Hit” (Inland Knights Remix) [Kolour]
16.) Candy Dealers – “Street Delight” (Vernon and Dacosta Remix) [EIGHT-TRACKS]
17.) Amir Ad Fontes – “Easy Legs” (Oliver $ Remix) [Bodymusic]
18.) Larry Fives – “Dance Me Dance You” (Inland Knights Remix) [Drop]
19.) Dominic Martin – “Little Did I Know” [So Sound]
20.) Uneaq – “I Don’t Know” (Block Committee) [Motion]
21.) Blakkat – “Tonite” [Tango]
22.) Tony Senghore & Jonene – “Dem Bitz” (Tech On Dub) [Safe In Sound]
23.) Syndromes – “The Hit” [Kolour]
24.) Crazy P – “Together” [OM]
25.) Ron Basejam – “We Got Magic” [Winding Road]

Shake What the Llama Gave Ya

October 22nd, 2009

Hey everyone! This past week a killer EP came out on the label “Llama Farm” and you’re missin’ out if you haven’t heard it and picked it up yet. Its their fall sampler, entitled Shake What the Llama Gave Ya!

Llama Farm

1.) Corduroy Mavericks – “Only Gurl”

2.) Jam Funk – “Indigo”

3.) Sandwich Chris – “Ruff Entrance”

4.) Toka Project – “Gonna B Alrite”

The EP is available for purchase at Stompy, here.

Here’s what some DJs and producers are sayin’:

Feeling the Toka track and the Corduroy Mavericks one, been playing these 2 for a while… Thanks guys

Phil Weeks
Jam funk and Toka project are the one for me

Hector Moralez
Love all 4 tracks. I will find something for every occasion. Really nice balanced release.

Special Interest
great all round ep…my favs are the toka project and Jam funk cuts but all are good!

Tommy Largo
damn what a great sampler. all tracks are dope. will play this a lot!

Like all tracks but best for me is Mavericks one.
High quality release. Big support from me.

great release here! digging all the tunes.
Corduroy Mavericks’ tune has a great vibe. will go down well in a club.
Toka’s bassline is off the hook!
Jam Funk’s tune is perfect for ass-shaking!
Sandwich Chris is my fav though…love the vocal break!